January Employee Spotlight - Kim Woods, Materials Manager

January Employee Spotlight - Kim Woods, Materials Manager

PHOENIX Phamily (our employees) are the heart and soul of our company! Our phamily members are always working to increase their knowledge, do interesting things, start amazing hobbies and come from diverse backgrounds. Throughout 2022, we thought you might want to get to know some of the people that make PHOENIX tick by sharing a monthly Employee Spotlight where we interview an employee who has done something unique and interesting in the last month. This month we are connecting with Kim Woods, PHOENIX Materials Manager at our corporate office.

PHX: Why are you pursuing professional certification through the American Purchasing Society?

KW: It’s my way of agreeing that I’m committed to my job and take my profession seriously. The certifications are relevant to the job requirements within the Purchasing Department, which reports into my position. Getting certified is just the right thing to do so I can talk the talk and walk the walk with my team.

PHX: How does your military experience influence the way you perform your role?

KW: The discipline that I learned in the military has a lot to do with navigating ambiguity: problem-solving and making decisions in the absence of clear-cut orders and direction. The way I’ve learned to manage the cues in my environment helps me to articulate a course of action and bring those folks along with who are gonna help to solve the problem. I know that I don’t have to be out on the front line to get things done as long as I’ve given my team a good understanding of where we need to go.

PHX: What do you enjoy most about working in Materials Management at PHOENIX?

KW: Being coached on the PHOENIX methods while assisting our teams to mitigate supply interruptions is very fulfilling. It’s been such a dynamic situation and our teams continue to step up to the challenge. Problem solving with my team allows me to work and partner with different team members and get to know them better. I especially enjoy supporting our Purchasing and Scheduling teams as they continue to assure supply for our customers.

PHX: What’s your favorite product that has a PHOENIX cap?

KW: The one that I love right now is this Zicam product! It’s got a PHOENIX cap with a SFYP foil-backed liner that keeps the tablets fresh. This stuff really helped me to get well when I was all stuffy and congested. When I’m feeling 100%, my answer would be mayonnaise!