Life Extension® A 40-Year Dedication to Science-Based Wellness

Life Extension® A 40-Year Dedication to Science-Based Wellness

The Health and Wellness industry is thriving. Over the last few decades, we have seen drug store shelves expand the space for vitamins, minerals, and supplements making room for products designed to make a positive impact on quality of life.

PHOENIX customer, Life Extension®, models the full circle of providing high quality health and wellness products and funding an impressive amount of research for 40 years. Giving consumers the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions on vitamins, minerals, and supplements is the cornerstone of their mission. Generating funding for gerontological research has been the raison d’être of Life Extension since its inception. Supporting progress in this historically underfunded area comes first. To that purpose, Life Extension generates funding via the sale of cutting-edge products that are based on research findings (some of it conducted or funded by Life Extension) that support the efforts of their customers to extend their own lives. Formulas are updated as research-generated knowledge provides new information. The results benefit both research, as well as Life Extension’s customers. Life Extension is unique in this respect.

LE_Open_Cap_2PerDayPartnership in health is a philosophical difference in Life Extension’s approach to their product offerings which sets them apart from their competitors. Since 1983, Life Extension has been staffed with knowledgeable wellness specialists who not only answer customer inquiries concerning products, but also assist in formulating personalized nutrient regimens and provide information that supplements the care and advice they receive from their health care providers.

To further assist customers in formulating their nutritional regimens, Life Extension offers an extensive range of laboratory tests. After ordering tests from Life Extension, customers can have the tests performed at locations across the country and receive the results from Life Extension. Customers can then take their results to their own health care providers or engage in consultations with Life Extension physicians who evaluate these results. Healthcare collaboration also extends to blogs, eBooks, newsletters, online quizzes, and other resources available through the education section of the Life Extension website

The partnership PHOENIX has with Life Extension helps meet the packaging demands of this growing company. PHOENIX reliability and quality exemplify the integrity of the Life Extension brand and provide a consistent experience for consumers. Life Extension launched a rebrand of their packaging a few years ago that significantly improved the appearance of their products. The company continues to strive for consistency regarding the look and shape of bottles and closures across all bottle sizes, so that the experience from product to product is the same. With PHOENIX, Life Extension found a reliable packaging supplier that can grow with them.LE_Seal

The form and function of packaging plays a large role in accessibility, regardless of age and ability. Life Extension’s high-quality standards not only apply to their formulations and ingredients, but also to branding and packaging. The experience for customers, beginning with opening a supplement bottle, should be consistent. Larger bottle openings and bottles and seals that are relatively easy to open allow customers easy access to their daily supplements with less frustration.

Life Extension_PHX-Closure-45mm_web2-1Customer experience and satisfaction is important to Life Extension, particularly considering the greater prevalence of supplement use by older individuals or those that may be impacted by arthritis or other health conditions. PHOENIX’s Mesa Nutra™ Closures helped Life Extension meet their packaging design goal. PHOENIX conducted focus groups that also provided insight into what was important to consumers such as knowing supplements are secure when closed. PHOENIX research and development had older customers in mind making it easy to open and dispense by having the lid stay open and out of the way.  Nutra is made in the USA, facilitating better quality control, easier access, and shorter turnaround times.

This dispensing closure not only has a large opening and easy to use design, but also was customized with an embossed and tip-printed silver Life Extension® logo. Customization through printing and embossing or debossing is a cost effective way to have a closure reinforce branding on the shelf.

PHOENIX's partnership with Life Extension and supporting their commitment to helping people live a healthier, longer, life exemplifies the company’s purpose; Building a future that is secure.

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