November Employee Spotlight - Jesse Lowe, Production Supervisor, Bloomington, IN

November Employee Spotlight - Jesse Lowe, Production Supervisor, Bloomington, IN

This November, our employee spotlight is in Bloomington, Indiana to speak with Jesse Lowe, Production Supervisor. Here’s what Jesse had to say about working at PHOENIX:

PHX: When did you first start working at PHOENIX and how have your responsibilities changed?

I started with Phoenix in April of 2014 as a Mold Tech with no molding experience. After 8 years at the Greencastle plant, I took the opportunity to help start the Bloomington plant as a Production Supervisor.

PHX: What are some of the challenges and rewards of being a production supervisor?

The hardest challenge as a supervisor is encouraging people to do their best work and keep a positive attitude even though they may be dealing with stressful issues in their personal lives. The most rewarding thing for me is when I teach someone something new that makes their job easier and get to see them have confidence in knowing what they are doing.

PHX: What are your hobbies?

Anything outdoors with my family. Hiking, fishing, and bow hunting.

PHX: How would you say being an outdoorsman has helped you with your work here at PHOENIX?

I harvested my first deer 30 years ago and in those years I have matured as a hunter and learned a lot about the animals I am trying to outsmart. When I started hunting I didn't know what I was doing but learned something new every time I stepped into the woods. Just like when I started at PHOENIX, I knew nothing about injection molding but the longer I worked here the more I learned and the more efficient I became at my job. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to consistently harvest mature bucks with a bow. That same hard work and determination has spilled over into all other aspects of my life and the work I do for PHOENIX is no exception. So whether I am in a tree or at work I am still learning and giving it my all. I heard a wise man once say we should all be "forever learning." 

PHX: What is your favorite Phoenix product?

I have to say the gelato/ice cream cap. I ran that cap in Greencastle when I first started and we are getting it in Bloomington in the near future.