September Employee Spotlight - Trevor Michels, Plant Engineer, Davenport, IA

September Employee Spotlight - Trevor Michels, Plant Engineer, Davenport, IA

Trevor Michels has been a mainstay in the maintenance department in Davenport since he joined the company in March of 2014. While Trevor was working on his degree, he started at Phoenix part-time in the tooling maintenance area. Once he finished his degree about 6 months later, he was offered a position as a maintenance tech. Trevor was promoted to the position of Plant Engineer in February of 2022, and has been able to hit the ground running in that role due to his thorough knowledge of the equipment and processes here. Trevor is our September Employee Spotlight and here is what Trevor had to say about his time with PHOENIX:

PHX:  When did you start at Phoenix and what drew you to this operation?

TM:  I started in March of 2014. While I was attending technical classes in the area, I met the Phoenix maintenance supervisor, who had great things to say about Phoenix. I applied for a part-time tooling maintenance position so I would have time to complete my studies, and the rest is history. 

PHX:  What are the best things about Phoenix?

TM:  There is a very friendly feel here that reminds me of the small town I grew up in. Not that I know everyone when I’m out on the floor but there is something to be said about knowing the people you work beside. That is a great feeling. I have also enjoyed the wide variety of work that I am able to do in both the maintenance and engineering roles I have held.

PHX:  What is your proudest accomplishment as a Phoenix employee?

TM:  I guess that would be when I was first moved to nightshift as a maintenance tech. I was nervous about being the main maintenance resource on a shift when I was still pretty young and new to the company. After I got over the initial jitters, I realized that I could handle most anything that came up. That was a great confidence builder and made me realize how valuable it is to be forced out of your comfort zone.

PHX:  What are your hobbies?

TM:  Family, friends, hunting and sports. I was married in the last year, and we are expecting our first child in January, so my hunting time is about to take a big hit from what I’ve been told but I’m looking forward to sharing my hobbies with them as my family did with me.

PHX:  What is your favorite Phoenix product?

TM:  That would have to be the CRC line of caps. I was here when it was still a concept, and have enjoyed the challenging journey that we have been on with these complex caps.