The History of the Phoenix Flame

The History of the Phoenix Flame

“It’s good business not to be too business-like all the time”



Throughout the 1930s and continuing through the 1950s, PHOENIX history was spoken elegantly through The Phoenix Flame, a stylish magazine that combined advertising and product highlights of the Phoenix Metal Cap Company along with poetry, humor and art. Editor-in-Chief, Hal Higdon, better known as HIG to the Phoenix Flame’s readers, gracefully juxtaposed style and function in a monthly publication that reached far beyond the manufacturers of products who purchased metal closures. This beautifully bound, high quality, saddle-stitched, print piece brought the wit and wisdom of life alive through full-color illustrations, black and white photography, and world-class writing.

Over the years PHOENIX has evolved with the times. Innovation in closures has changed as well as our efforts to communicate with our customers and employees. We are thrilled to give a nod to our rich history with a digital communication that sparks ideas, inspires innovation, and communicates the value of the PHOENIX history that spans more than 130 years.

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